Cue - Connecting U Everyday

Demo with stove mockup and motion sensor in glowing housing
Project Team: 


  • Shiva Pandey, M.ID.
  • Steven Strouble, MS HCI
  • Varsha Jagdale, MS HCI
  • Yasmin Hazrat, MEE
  • Grace Cha, M.ID.
  • Connor McNally, BS.ME

Faculty: Brian D JonesĀ 

No matter what age we are, we have likely forgotten to turn off the stove or oven, iron, heater or even water. Forgetfulness can lead to serious events that may result in costly damage to the home or even injury or death. Older adults are more prone to such forgetfulness. When an older adult forgets to turn off a hazardous appliance, it is often attributed to losing mental capacity and may lead to loss of self-confidence, embarrassment, and judgment from others. Many families turn to monitoring when they discover such hazards, but this can result in their loved one feeling a loss of independence. We feel there is an opportunity before monitoring to use technology to provide gentle reminders or cues that empower the resident to determine for themselves when such appliances should be turn off. Introducing cue. The system would consist of several ambient and/or wearable reminder products that would integrate with existing connected home systems and provide those gentle reminders both at and away from the primary hazard. We have designed, a couple of example reminder concepts, mainly for the stove, oven, iron, or heater to address this need. The latest consists of a device in proximity of the stove that provides a larger/brighter light than most stovetops with an integrated proximity sensing capability and a smartwatch with ability to vibrate and alert through sound and visuals. If motion is no longer detected in the kitchen, the watch would alert the user of the potential hazard. The user may also choose to snooze the reminder. While we focused on hazardous appliances, this same system may support cues related to medication taking, water leaks, door lock status, smoke detector battery level, feeding or walking the do, or similar needs.

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