multimodal Tongue Drive System

Project Team: 


  • Maysam Ghovanloo


  • Md Nazmus Sahadat
  • Pooja Srikrishnan
  • Arish Alreja

The Tongue Drive System (TDS), developed at the GT-Bionics lab, has been shown to be a promising AT device that enables people with quadriplegia to use their tongue as the input method to control their environment. We are in the process of developing a system called multimodal Tongue Drive System (mTDS) which uses 3 modalities to traditional TDS. The mTDS will have the ability to assign discrete tongue commands, proportional movements to control mouse pointer, as well as the speech recognition for typing.

The mTDS achieves this by using four 3-axial magnetometers, inertial sensors, and a microphone. The head motion is tracked from the inertial sensors for the purpose of mouse pointer movement and the microphone is used for the purpose of typing on the phone or computer.

The mTDS will send its raw data wirelessly via 2.4 GHz RF transceiver and the personal computer will process this data to tongue commands, mouse cursor movements and the speech recognition. The personal computer serves as the main platform that interacts with the mTDS, increasing the independence and enhancing the quality of life of the people with severe physical disabilities.

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